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April Update 2005 (the first)

Morning All,

            Thought you guys might like a porcine update....well, Emma and I went to choose and collect the pigs at 08:00 Saturday morning. As you can imagine there was a great deal of running around after very quick piggies (which brings a whole new meaning to fast food).

We finally arrived back home around 9:15, and released the pigs into there new home, which they immediately, started to investigate....I think they're performing root cause analysis!

The breeder who we purchased them from was very impressed when he saw the size of their new space and as you can you can see the pigs seem right at home!

The arrival of pigs is quite an event around here and we had a house full of visitors throughout the day....some even bought children with them!

We've also had an arrival of chicks.

These little guy's are Orpington's (breed) and the colour is Goldlace....a totally new colour! These were incubator raised along with 5 of our own eggs....Due to the lack of his success our cockerel has been named....Jaffa, however we do not think he's seedless, just a little immature. We are collecting more eggs to try a little later in the month.

As it is 7:30ish, and having already feed the pigs, chickens, chicks, quails and rabbit....it's time for my first tea break, whist I perform the paperwork for Trading Standards....You have no idea how bad their admin is!....and you think you have it bad where you are!

As usual, any questions please ask, it's always nice to here from you, and if any of you want to see the pigs, chickens or us please call....you might even want to bring the kids.

One last thing, I know some of you were concerned with regards to the large black cockerel that was heading for the pot well, he managed to evade it!....he now lives with 10 hens at the local livery (horse thingy). Sarah the new owner has named him Admiral Nelson....I will try and send a picture.

Anyway gotta go loads to do!


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