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October/November Update

Well summer has been and decided that that's it for another year although the sun is still hanging around. The morning light has disappeared from our morning animal food and water rounds, the light is still unavailable until we're well on the way to work....Thank heavens for head torches.

It appears that as usual the animals have got a different view than we have....It would seem that one of our sows had a remarkably good time at the holiday home she was in whilst we moved. Because she got pregnant!!!! 


The father was a very young (6 months) boar, which meant that we only got three little piggies.



We have had the poly-tunnel recovered ready for planting up, we have also had a net cage built for planting some soft fruit....I'm already getting dirty looks from the local starlings and sparrows.



I'm not showing you the inside of these because they're a mess....However we are planning our planting out for next spring....Chilli's, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, bananas, cucumbers, melons amongst others....Ok Ok maybe not the Bananas!


We had a visit to fellow smallholders Jonathon and Sarah Burr last summer, they have a great place which has River Nar bordering their plot....After a great day splashing around in their river…



That we decided that we really needed a water feature………for the ducks you understand. Construction began early November with one of our neighbours Mark lending a hand.



This is what he left us with, after only six hours!



The pond took 8 days to fill!!!!



We are currently researching what edible delights we can stock the pond with. Under consideration is one of the trout family and some gangster crustaceans....commonly known as crayfish ("Kray" fish did you get it?)


In last months update I advised that Julian (the Butcher) was turning two of our GOS pigs into hams, bacon and sausages....well as expected, it has turned out to be an outstanding success.


The bacon has come back....all 42 packs, I will of course endeavour to taste at least half the contents of each lovely pack of porcine heaven. I'm only thinking of you lot....I'm nothing if not thorough, we will of course keep you apprised of how the test goes.


We have a visitor at present called Patrick who has been invited to court the sow who has not yet produced a litter....We think there is an option to keep Patrick permanently as his current owner is giving up with the pigs.



Now that we have Mary we have to arrange accommodation for her and the calf, we also have to arrange accommodation for the Wensleydale sheep that we are going to keep over winter....I thought I would have a go at building a barn! I mean how difficult can it be!!!


We'll that's it for another update.


Oh! Better put something in for the Willow fan club....young lady following fashion, like all young ladies of her age!




That really is it for now....Take care.


All the best


Shane & Emma


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