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March Update


ere we are again end of another month...where does all the time go?

Not a great deal happening regarding new arrivals, just three little Large Black x Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) crosses to fatten up, these little piggies are an experiment to see how the pork tastes....the nature of the Large Black is that it has an extremely tasty meat but is fatty...The GOS on the other hand is very tasty and quite a lean animal in comparison...We are hoping that a cross between the two retains the flavour of the Large Black with some of the leanness of the GOS producing a top quality not too fatty carcass of exquisite flavoured pork . We'll keep you updated with the results.

Staying on the pig front one of the original pigs raised in 2005 and referred to as "Auntie" has been with "Patrick" for the last 3 months...We are hopeful of a litter any time between end of March to mid April, however, as she is still a gilt (hasn't had a litter yet) after two years...we are not sure if she is capable...time will tell.

Both Patrick and Sambo our two stud boars have left us to start their unhappy spring/summer of eating, sleeping and mating with a fine selection of sows. They are both out courting and have bookings following their return....lucky buggers!

This brings me to naming...Patrick and Sambo are called this because it is their bloodline, I find myself constantly explaining this as Sambo...well it's not really PC is it!

So, looking for names, we tried this before when I wanted to name the two breeding sows but didn't get a great deal of interest....well this time we're upping the stakes....there is a breakfast waiting to be claimed by the winner who provides names for the four breeding animals we have here, namely "Mum", "Auntie", "Patrick" and "Sambo". Just to be clear the breakfast includes a pack of our finest sausages, bacon, and eggs (duck or Chicken) you'll have to supply your own beans

Rules are simple...if we use your names for our breeding stock you'll get the breakfast. I know we have visitors to our site from America, Spain and New Zealand...sorry guy's the breakfast is only available to the England (can you imagine the logistics/laws that we would have to overcome to achieve an international delivery of a "Durston's" breakfast)...you can still participate for the fun if you like.

We are still awaiting the arrival of Mary's calf, this is due any time after the 1st April (yeah I know, anytime other than the 1st is fine by me). Mary is getting very large and grumpy.

The barn construction has not moved on yet...still too wet and cold to be considering this at the moment.

Our geese have started to lay and the eggs are wonderful, very tasty...like duck eggs great poached on toast (well, half a loaf really!)

These are the eggs we are getting at the mo...from left to right we have Goose, duck, chicken and bantam (miniature) chicken.

The Suffolk crosses are getting much more hands on now they have worked out that if they come and say hello when we are feeding the pigs, there is a good chance that they might get a treat!

The two Tamworth pigs have left us and have returned in the form of bloody fantastic sausages...It has to be said that they have already gone...of the forty packs that we had allocated for you guy's to try...GONE! In less than a day!...The merit of keeping up to date with "What's Available" on the website...You guy's are getting pretty good at pre booking! The bacon and ham should be available within the next two weeks or so...so keep an eye on the website and stay alert!

Willow has been practicing her doggy paddle....

And of course, the ever cocky "see told you I could fetch it!"

That's it guy's...next update should contain pictures of our new calf all things being well.

Shane & Emma

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