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Shane & Emma's Smallholding



This is where you can find links that we have an interest in, not all are smallholding related....Take the Book of Lists for example, it is a very funny website, if your lucky you'll find the "List of Shane" always worth a look for a giggle.

" Salami and Sausage making site.

" Sausage Making site in the UK.

" Bertie's Bangers - Sausage making know how.

" The South Devon Chilli Farm - For all your Chilli needs.

" A Country Living Resource and Community (American).

" Fenland Goatkeepers & Smallholding Club.

" The website of the Wild Man of food, Fergus Drennan; forager extraordinaire!

" Paul Rainey's "Book of Lists" this site is very funny.

" This site is great for all your solar and wind power needs.

" Moorlands Cheesemakers - Suppliers of household dairy equipment

" How to make Bio-Diesel.

" Resource for all your straw bale building requirements.

" Defra - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

" British Trees.

" Great British Kitchen (Recipes)

" Paul Ostermyers Horse racing/course site.

" Grantham DIY WI



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