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Shane & Emma's Smallholding



August Update

Some already know....but as of mid June we sold our smallholding and moved into a new one, we have extended our plot from 2 acres to 6! I guess we must like the lifestyle.

We moved into the new place on the 9th June, and because we don't like to do things the easy way, along with moving the animals, their houses, fences, unpacking removal lorry, creating new animal enclosures etc we had our hay cut....which over the following few days needed turning, bailing and of course stacking by hand....But we were really lucky as there was only three hundred and bloody fifty to move!



One of three haystacks....I have haystacks. How cool is that!


As the mortgage is now a thing of the past (I know....great stuff!), we are able to buy a few more toys....er, essential smallholding equipment including this lawnmower.



On the animal front, we have just taken four of our piggies to the butcher this means that a few of you will have already tucked into some fantastic tasting pork....downside is that you won't want any supermarket meat again....I feel like a drug dealer....My stuff is goooood.


Talking of piggies these two guy's have just arrived....They are large blacks, I am told that they taste bloody fantastic, the downside with them however is that they put on a large amount of fat (which gives them there taste)....We plan to raise these fella's to about six months, there diet will be strictly by the book. Then well see how much fat they put on and what they taste like.



The last two GOS from this years litter are currently going through obedience training....Shane Woodhouse style....Sit.


We are keeping these two back to grow a little longer and rounder, one will be turned into sausages as these are so good, the second will be hams and bacon, which is a new service that Julian (butcher) is providing, this consists of a wet curing process and an old fashioned oak smoking to finish....I can't see how this isn't going to be some of the best hams and bacons ever tasted....I will of course keep you updated, I also suspect this will be an option for future piggies.



Here we are bypassing the drinking trough…….I hate it when they don’t follow process.



Not sure how it happened but I seem to have become the local buyer for Southdown sheep......I have just negotiated prices for 27 of them, most of which have been bought for others to fatten, cut grass etc. We are going to keep back 13 for ourselves, however they go very quickly as they taste fantastic.....So if your interested let me know ASAP, I'll need to know if you want a half or a whole one.....details will follow.



We have contained them with some simple electric fencing, and because they are a nice docile friendly breed they'll be fine with that....Along with a decent size field.



The ducklings that we raised are now free ranging, with the older ducks and chickens.



I have to put this next section in as it appears that Willow has her own fan club now.




The dread pirate Long John Willow.


Got to go I've got a few jobs to do....decorate the new house, build a pond, and complete the fencing.


I will post the next update sooner now that I have this web site.


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