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We seem to be getting some interest in our lifestyle from the media world, Emma and I find this very flattering and are keen to promote what we do in a positive way, hopefully encouraging others to take the leap into the lifestyle.

We will use this page to keep a tab on our media coverage, a bit vain I know but this doesn't happen that often, so we will enjoy our 15 minutes worth.

Our first foray into the bright lights was with Louise France who writes for the Observer Magazine and interviewed us as well as other people living the lifestyle...

You can see the finished article at:

Guardian Magazine Article

Interesting piece, and a good exercise for Emma and I to partake in...but it is hard to try and capture all of the "what and why" about us in a small article...hence I was a little disappointed with the outcome, don't think it truly captured us or our lifestyle or journey very well, all the families seemed a little too "pigeon holed"...never mind, the pictures were great.

I have attached the scanned article and Photo for your pleasure.

Article and Picture


Our second encounter with the media was with a lovely Ros Sinclair who spent a day filming with us for a potential new show for the BBC...

We are still waiting to hear on the outcome of that project.


Emma has had a article (paid, which now means she is an author) printed in the Smallholder magazine, with enthuses on raising battery hens, we are really pleased with it as it gives a fairer light on what is involved and the risks that are taken on when re-homing battery hens...If you would like to read the article  please click this link:-

Smallholder Magazine Article on Battery Hens


Our first television dealings were with he presenter Denis Nurse and film crew from Talkback Thames who produce "Escape to the Country" when they spent a day filming with us in December which has to be said was the coldest day they could have chosen.

Series 9 is scheduled for release on the 23rd Feb 2009 and will run weekdays for twenty episodes...ours is the last in the series and is scheduled to air at 5:15pm on Wednesday 15th April 2009 on BBC2. 

For those of you who missed it, you can see our section on you tube, see the following link.

Us on Escape to the Country 


Following on from our appearance on Escape to the Country our local newspaper did a follow on piece, it was written by Emma Mason from the Fenland Citizen and was a lovely piece which was a joy to read an made both Emma and I smile...below is a link to the story in the Fenland Citizen and the scanned article if you are interested.

Fenland Citizen Article

Scanned article from Fenland Citizen


After a lengthy telephone interview with Jonathon Brown a freelance journalist, we had a visit from photographer Jonathon Worth and general nice guy, who spent the morning taking a huge selection of photos for the following article in the Independent magazine.

Independent Magazine Article

Jonathon has his own website and is worth a view as it is pretty impressive.

Jonathan Worth's Website


We are now able to state that we have been published in a book on smallholding, the book has a large selection of photo's of our chickens. The book is called

"Living of the Land - Essential Guide to Organic Living - By Charlotte Jarvis"


Recent article in another of our local papers, Finley looks just like a farmer in the making!

Spalding Guardian Article


Emma, Finley and I are always interested in any media coverage that positively promotes the lifestyle we have chosen to live, If you have a project and would like to contact us you can by e-mailing me at shane@durston.org.uk  or by phone on 07810 562891



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