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Shane & Emma's Smallholding



January update

Right then...where to start, well lets start with an apology for this very late smallholding update, and yes this constitutes an update for Oct, Dec and Jan!

We have been working very hard renovating the house in readiness for our very latest new arrival...Finley James Elvis Durston...Yes Elvis!

Finley was born on the 2nd January at 22:30...his due date! with punctuality like that we'll have to get him to do the Smallholding Updates!

He was born at home hence the busy time preparing the house, as I was told I would not have much time to knock down walls and install bathrooms, kitchens etc once he arrived.

He weighed a very healthy 8.1lbs at birth and is amazing. Emma and I are both Ok and seem to be coping OK...yeah yeah I can hear you all sniggering...what do we know!

Ok then...Smallholding!...we are pretty much the same as we were for the last update, our cows are doing well, and hopefully pregnant...still too soon to tell, but here's Mary getting her nose in!

On the pig front, we have three little piglets left from Raquel's litter from last year...here they are enjoying the mud!

And Cassandra and Rodney have been together "getting it on" since end of December.

The meat birds are also coming along nicely, it's been pretty good to have our own chicken on demand, and the taste is delicious! Looking at the telly recently I can see free range chickens are going to be in the fore of our minds with new TV programmes by celebratory chefs being shown this month!

You will notice that there are couple of "Silkies" in the middle of this picture, we are looking after them for a friend for a little while...they have twenty hens to keep them occupied...not to bad for lodgings!

As for our regular chickens, they have been getting to grips with the new feeder that has been built for them.

And as usual we finish with a picture of Willow, who it has to be said is feeling very much out of sorts since the arrival of Finley...

Well, that's it for another update...and I guess you'll understand if the next one is not prompt...but there will be a next one!

Take care, Emma Shane and Finny D...(don't think I'll get away with that for too long)



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